Skype Commands

Use a variety of Skype commands to easily organize and control your chats.

The list of Skype commands will come in handy whenever you need to manage your P2P or cloud-based chats and improve your Skype experience.

Make use of the following commands to manage your Skype:

  • To detect whether you are using P2P or cloud-based chat, insert "/get name" into the chat window and press the Enter button. You will see "#skypename..." for P2P and "19:..." for a cloud-based system.
  • To delete a user from the chart, insert "/kick [Skype Name]".
  • To add more moderators to the chat, type "/setrole [Skype Name] MASTER".
  • To receive a list of chat members and their roles, insert "/showmembers".
  • To get all available commands, insert "/help".
  • New groups that you create will be cloud-based.
  • To create a P2P-based chat, type "/createmoderatedchat".
  • Keep in mind that the typed commands are visible only to you.
  • Update your Skype to the latest version in order it can support the commands.

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