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Skype is a free IP-telephony and instant messaging program
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Skype is a free program that provides an encrypted voice connection via Internet (VoIP) and allows to contact to the subscribers of the common telephone network. It offers general instant messaging features as well.

The program has a lot of useful features. It allows to talk on the Internet, and low speed connection such as dial-up is quite enough for that. Besides, you can use a video call option and talk to other people live. The program also allows to perform conference communication with up to 25 people. You can send instant messages and SMS as well. In addition, the program has an option that allows to forward calls to any phone for you when you are offline. Skype enables you to call for free to the other Skype subscribers. Moreover, it gives you the opportunity to call to any phone all over the world, but this option isn’t free, although quite cheap.

The application comes with some funny extras including various games, call recorders, add-ons for Outlook and many others. You can get more extras and organize them using the Skype Extras Manager. The “Option” window allows you to adjust general settings and personal settings for calls, video calls, SMS and sounds. You can search people on Skype by e-mail, Skype name or full name.

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  • Multifunctional
  • Video calls
  • High quality connection
  • Cheap calls to common phones
  • Free


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