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Skype is the most widely used VOIP application to date
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Skype is the most widely used VOIP application to date. Skype has grown to be the most popular voice chatting application ever. Nowadays, billions of people use Skype for several reasons. Firstly, it allows you to call anyone who has Skype for free. The call quality is great and you can even go on a video chat with anyone who has a camera. Secondly, you can use Skype to call any land-line or cell phone in the world. Of course, you have to pay for that, but the price is so cheap that some people are even using Skype as their main line. You can also get a Skype phone number which anyone can call from anywhere around the world. You can also chat and share details with your friends and family. With the right plug-ins, you can pay your bills with Skype and Paypal. Skype also is supported on several mobile devices, so you can be always connected. The newest version of Skype, version 3.8, adds a couple of interesting features. It improves the call quality and adds support for Myspace users. If you use MySpace, you can simply find and add people with your Myspace account. You can call those users just like you would call regular Skype users. The application is flawless and I highly recommend it to anyone who needs to be communicated with friends overseas.

José Fernández
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