Skype 0.9

Skype 0.9 allows communication to distant location parties to land/mobile phones
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Skype Ltd. developed Skype 0.9 to allow users to communicate to telephone land lines as well as mobile phones over the Internet for a fee, which is calculated per minute of connection. Designed to run on Mac and Windows operating systems, this version of Skype includes such features as setting the birthday date in user’s profile, recognition of different numbering formats for telephones, and fixes of some previous version’s issues.
Skype 0.9 provides other communication means such as instant messaging, web conferencing, and telephone calls to online Skype users - services that are free of charge. Other features include file transferring, ability to display online and offline contacts, call log, alerts for missed calls. In addition, users can express emotions through a variety of emoticons available while instant messaging.
So, this is a great tool to communicate easily to people in distant locations either through the telephony or the instant messenger features. Companies can also take advantage of some of this tool’s benefits with customers, providers, or remote teams to facilitate and speed up communications through this means.
Users who need to communicate outside of geographical boundaries, or users who just want to keep contact with friends or family in any location only need to install this product in few easy steps and create Skype accounts to be ready to use them.

Marcelo Viscarra
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  • Low fees
  • Neat communications


  • Accesses hard disk even when no conversation is in progress
  • Consumes bandwidth
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